Sunday, September 20, 2009

Boring Sunday

What a boring Sunday, weather is kinda hot and i still need to continue studying for coming exam.
Left 3 days before 3rd paper, can i manage to finish this much of chapters? Doubting...
Slept at 5am this morning and woke up at 1pm just now..don't like this kind of life, feel sucks!
But i just can't close my eyes even though i tried hard. After read his old blog..found out that he is such a good writer in Mandarin. Can publish own books perhaps..
Some of the article touched my heart and tears drop, only then realized they have such beautiful memories together, bet it is hard to sweep away as there is ups and downs in this relationship. No wonder friends who read it also feel the same. It's really a challenge for them to go through so many difficulties. Kind of envy them, i won't feel like blaming or jealous of different treat from him because it is a different situation and different people after all.
M just envy of a girl with such stringent family background, thus need to help out family and at the same time hope to further study for a better life. And there is such a lovely guy staying besides her, so sweet although there is many thorns in between. But they made it through even there is once a while of separation.
Now i shall know even staying in the same place, there are not always a chance for them to meet each other, have to think of many aspects before going for a date. That is why both this lovely couple is appreciating each other.
From the stories i read from, it makes me realized that we as a human being in this earth should feel much more blissful than any other people. We got what we want, but we demand more. That is human instinct after all. Nothing to blame.
Facing a turning point in life, perhaps to some people, it is a hard core for them to suit themselves in such different environment. But for certain people, it might be a new challenge of life to become a better man and learn more everyday.
I definitely salute to what this lovely couple had gone through before previously in their relationship.Although they are no longer together, but i hope a relationship of friendship will continue in their life. As they had shared so much in few years back..

p/s: Jealousy comes when there is another appear in your ties with someone else, but it will fade away once you understand the true stories behind them.

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