Monday, August 17, 2009

Sg.Klah Hotspring

Went to Sg.Klah hotspring after class in late noon..js abt 45mins drive then reached Sungkai.
Went there with his classmates...5 dudes n 4 2 cars..
reached thr was alr 5pm..n tht counter lady told us will closed at 7pm..fcuk la..tot can have more time spend over thr..who knows..but nvm lor, since alr thr..den pay rm7 for it den go in..
Its kinda ok bcz not so many people...seems like just both 2 car of us going..the cool water Octopus part was closed and under renovation..sigh! Less one exciting place..
Its ok then, went to the hot spring..changed and dip my leg into it..its too go for a less hot one..den go bck to the hot one again...nt dare whole body dip in..just part of my leg..
Later on, went to the egg boiling part...where we put the eggs into the boiling water..its really hot..90-100 celcius i thk..makan egg time...abit geli lo..
Fun part was a small stall just right at the egg boiling place, got a refridgerator selling can drinks..but its lock..
Desmond put his hand into it and "take away" 1 can at 1st..later when on d way bck took few more..hahaz...once in a life time syok!
Darn! my toe hurt n bleed when we having fun at other side of hot spring hurts!...
and bunch of them camwhore till gao gao..with many ugly faces and look...
Lucky Mun Hon give me a plaster and place it on...and continue sit there but not putting my feet into the water as it was not dat clean...scared infection.
It was abt 7pm and rain drizzled...went to take bath then head to Tapah for dinner.
Desmond's mom intro us to go for seafood at a so-called "air-conditioned" restaurant..then we look for it...but somehow..didn't really saw any air-cond restaurant...
Finally after make a call to the restaurant..only then we saw tht restaurant just like normal...and seems cakai service is so so only...cox they wana close shop d...
Im damn tired..mentally tired perhaps? i don't know...just cant give a smile..whole journey also like dat..Sigh! no idea...
More photos should be uploaded soon..waiting for Ms.KY to upload..:P

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