Monday, August 17, 2009

21st bday?? Francine's blog today...she really spend alot on her 21st bday..but can't compare with her..she worked in SG..somehow still can afford those luxury branded stuff and indulge herself into nails art... 2 weeks time..its ma bday..21st..would like to make it a special one in my life time..but i knew in kampar..can't make it memorable anyway..
But as usual...after 20 years of living..i never had any special celebration until met him..
but really hope dis year will be special one..
To be frank, im not hoping much coz every september is exam just forget about it..who so free to help u celebrate la..and not much friend here also..most of them work or study at other place...aiks..can't lepak with them..
Lived for 20 years plus..and im still celebrating it in an exam month..not syok at all...
Alt 2009 is not a good year for me as i faced alot of probs as well as ups n broke broke broke..duno where the hell $ gone to...
Anyway, i hope to go on trip to release stress from studies..seems like im so out-dated ever since im in Kampar..
Hopefully i can make it to SG end of the year in part with Xmas..miss San Yee's s homemade turkey..its been years i din eat turkey..
SG Xmas eve was nice...whole Orchard street were damn nice with those deco..miss it so much!

Hmm...I had been stop spending on myself in buying clothes, bags or other stuff d..seems like i never shop for so long due to no $...
So, i hope to shop gao gao in SG cz branded items over there damn cheap..
must start to save now...$$$

Wanted to buy a new watch--> Solvil Titus/French Connection
or any nice watch lerr...

My wallet is old and tak muat put so many thgs..wan new wallet!!
aiks..if can't get LV purse , hope can get other nice one.. it comes..i hope to own it very very long alr..the lovely tote from LV, its Monogram Canvas Neverfull MM. But duno the bag still in the market anot..T.T..if not, gotta find another bag le..
Want to change my clothing new clothes, dresses, Levi's jeans..(if it fits my hips, hehe)

Haih..hopefully what i wanted for so long will come true la..*dreaming dreaming*

p/s: Save save save!! Gotta my wallet !!!

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