Friday, July 24, 2009


Felt release cox i had done my presentation least got off fr 1 sub..
and i had done my movie poster lately, just left sketches only...
Coming up will be another 3 sub assign and final project for multimedia sub..
next wed mid-term, but hven study...:P
Thought of going bck hometown dis week, unfortunately, no transport bck..sigh!

Miss someone lots, he is bck to hometown and watched Harry Potter today..haha, which is my chosen movie of the movie poster assign...
Sad tht can't join mom on PG day trip on Sunday...
but may be have the chance go Taiwan year end...wakaka...
AirAsia promo..keke..

Heart my dear so much tht he still chat with me even laptop battery almost flat..
hope tht he will be able to find his shoe for coming performance..

p/s: Midterm..>.<

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