Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Moody night

I'm trying hard..
not to miss you..
I'm trying hard to concentrate
still i failed to concentrate on studies..

whole day din meet u
its like a century din meet u
whole night long
sat in front of pc
FB-ing till im bore

u r enjoying the night with friends
celebrating fren's bday
i tried not to msg u
nor to disturb u
cuz i hope i can make a change
which is to let u have more time to spend with friends

i dun wan to be said im a selfish person
who always stick to u
holding u tight
till lose your privacy

I let u enjoy the moment with friends
i dun wan to disturb u
that's why
i said...
"go ahead with them"
i dun wan ppl feel u keep texting with ur gf
while hang out with friends

I'm trying hard to
let u have an enjoyable n happy nite with yr buddies
alt deep in heart
i miss u like crazy..

I tried to tell you that i dun wish to distract u guys
why u js can't get what i'm trying to tell u?
m i too hard to be understand?
or im using too straight forward word in text?

I sincerely apologize if make u feel bad
I'm just hoping that u will enjoy with them
I din follow u n join them
bcz i still hardly to let go smthg
smthg which caused me in tears
for days n weeks
for the topic we discussed before

I'm telling myself..
gal, u should be tough enough
be strong
be a good girl
*cheer up
I've tried my very best
tried hard to make everything in a good way
end up
I still can't stop
my mind
my heart
fr missing you

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