Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hate Backstab!!

I don't knw what have u told dad
js dun und y u owis create havoc in my family!

I'm in a mist when dad called me up
n throw on me
i m like
throwing out all the Fxxx!

What the hell happened on earth?
Why u r the one who always caused us in a bad situation?
We had enough with u d..
u change alot ever since u have your own family
jz take care of your own thgs
stop stepping ur feet into my world
its my world!
not yours!
Stop ruling people..

I hate people talking behind me!
Pls stop that..
u had create a gap btw me n him now
Bullshit u!

Mind yr own business
Don't ever try to choke me
to throw out smthg
u knw the reasons
why all of us trying to avoid u
Why i m trying to ignore what u said

I appreciate for yr help
but pls dun create conflicts anymore
GF & GM suffer more than enough
Stop it!
Before i shout at u!

I m holding back my temper
bcz i respect you for who u r to me!

Piss off!


Xorce said...

me arh? haha

elaine-mia said...

u wil noe if its u..lolx..=.=