Thursday, April 30, 2009

Feel awful

why u never try to und how i feel
my mood been so bad for past 4 hours till now
doin nthg looking at books
have no mood at all
wondering how m i goin to face the exam tmr

just a simple thing and u thought that im telling u smthg bad
im nt ignoring u or wat
im js trying to tell u thgs that u would like to know
no hidden motive
im suffering
i duno what's the best way to tell u
how to tell u
even u r in front of me

i feel so awful..feel so bad
seems lk no one out there und me
feel so lonely
had tears for hours
just duno how to confront u
i duno what's going wrong

its hard to knw what u r thinking
i thought that i hv make u mad at me
bcz u js go...disappear like that
it's my fault saying things u dun like to hear
but i have no choice

i've been struggling through out the nite
it's hurt..

tears js scroll down..
nthg to stop it..
feel so bad...

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