Friday, March 20, 2009

Being fooled

I had enough
slept at 5am
woke up at 9 smthg
kevin came n finished up the remaining of the report
just to pass up on time at 12noon

i ran to mandy place
cuz seh ling n the others were there printing their stuff
need to tumpang their car to uni
just to pass up assignment
meow went to pass up wit kai fen d
left mine..

shi hui fetched me to uni
past up the report at FGO
felt relieved

back home
tot of taking nap
but didn't make it
suddenly received email fr HER
saying that we can continue with the offer
which is the extension to next friday
and say we are not the exceptional one
smore want us to get the report bck at FGO today
otherwise it will be throw away

r u putting a prank on us?
we rush like shit
run up n down js to pass up the report
r u happy n satisfied fooling the whole group?
u might thk its fun..
i'm not!
i still have other subjects assignment to do
not that free as u thought we are!

someone's attitude caused her act unfair towards us
The "confusion" came about because "somebody" was so curt to just say "Ok. TQ"
in his sms to me after receiving news of the extension of deadline. I was really
annoyed that people can be so unappreciative so in my reply I told him that since he
doesn't sound pleased or appreciative, his group can stick to the original deadline.
this is what the mail stated..
to this "someone"
pls bear in mind that if the whole group get the lowest mark than other groups
u r the one should take up the responsibility

really fed up with everythg
its more than enough
duno cry or laugh being fooled this way
i'm tired of all these nonsense
pls..someone stop it!

p/s: dun wish to c u next sem!

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