Friday, March 20, 2009

Because of u...

Bcz of YOU!!!
a postponed submission deadline to next week
suppose to be next week!!!!
js bcz of YOU!!!
SHE withdrawn the offer and wants us to pass up tmr!
20th Friday, 12PM!!

now whole T1 group need to pass up erlier..
no more extension..
driving everyone nuts..
y can't u js be more humour..noe sm sweet talk
den at least gv sm gd impression to her

so "fortunate" of us..
got u as our class rep
now we are dying...

if there's an offer
y u doubt it?
its an offer..n bcz of ur attitude
she withdrawn the offer..

Its unfair!!!!
really unfair!!

im about to sleep
n received ur msg at 2.12am
surprise to c dat
called up other groups ppl
they did not encounter such prob
only our group..

look wat hv u done!
claps claps...
a big applause to u ..
really tq u lor..

p/s: "TQ so much"!!Pxxxma!

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