Monday, September 22, 2008

What A Hectic Morning...

Ring!!! Message tone and alarm rang non-stop...feel so frust that i wana throw the phone away. Opening the message, only i realize it was BB and Kah Yin who send me messages. Later on, house phone rang, grandma called. Then only i realized that i have a date with my grandparents, that is to bring them for breakfast since they didn't see me for about a month. So miss them.... After taken our bfaz, i drove them back and chat for a while before going back home. But received bro's message asking me to fetch him sharp at 12pm then proceed to the state library. Once i leaved the library, he called me suddenly saying that the library will only open at 2pm. So, he decided not to go. I have no choice but to take a u-turn to fetch him back home. Later on, i called mimi cz i wana repair the phone where its battery have some problem. Going out for whole morning till noon, its kinda tiring. But luckily i have BB by my side...accompanying me. Although its very tiring driving whole morning, but i'm glad that he always by my side. Feel relieved.... Its nap time! nite!!

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