Monday, September 22, 2008

Tiring Day..Sleepless Night Again!!

Today’s timetable quite hectic..early in the morning, I’ve followed mom for breakfast..can’t sleep through the night. I think I’m having a serious insomnia. After breakfast, mom allowed me to drive her Honda City as she never allow me to do so. I got shocked and feel delighted. Back home, feel abit sleepy, so take a short nap. At 11am, mom wake us up and head for an early lunch because dad haven taken any meal yet. Then, I drove my car sending my bro to tuition and send the yellow cutie for repair due to some alarm problem. There are still 45min to go before 2pm where bro finish tuition. So, I and mom went to some boutique to spend the time. Later on, we went to fetch him and went home. At last, I have a real nap time because feel so exhausted. Bebe was tired too and need to unpacked his stuff, clean up the room and his beloved car. Feel sakit hati when he complained of headache during the journey of heading back to Butterworth. Everyone was tired and took a nap. I thought I would have a nap time but I didn’t. Near evening, both of my parents bring along me head to Taiping where my grandparents of my mother’s side staying. We went there is because dad went there for his meeting so we tumpang his car and drop by grandma house. We went for a non-air conditioned restaurant for dinner due to most of the restaurant are fully booked during weekend. But we had a delicious dinner ever because auntie Irene ordered a lot of seafood and it was at a worthy price. We ate till 9pm and feel so full. Hence, we head back to house and I feel so sleepy but can’t sleep. Have to wait dad finish his function first then only we go back to Ipoh. Kapa and Ah Fei messaged and called me so many times saying that they are waiting me to go for “western tea”. I feel abit guilty causing people to wait me when I actually know I can’t make it. Therefore, I send them a message that I can’t join them. Later on, dad arrived and pick us up. All the way back to Ipoh, I fall asleep in the car awhile. I awaked when my phone message tone was bebe. Waited for his message so long. But I won’t blame him for any late reply because I understand that he is busying on something.

Missing Bebe already, but he is hanging out with friends at Auto-City. So,

I waited for his sms .. waiting him get home safely. At 2am, he messaged me, thank God, he was back home already. Pity bebe so tired still went to BM. Later on, he gave me a call before sleep. His sound so tired but still wana try to persuade me to sleep since I have insomnia and hardly get into sleep. After talking over the phone for about half an hour, we hang up and went to bed. I’ve tried to force myself to sleep but I can’t make it. 4am, Ah Fei called me up, asking me go for breakfast since I cannot sleep. But I rejected him because parents will kill me if I go out I the middle of the night. So, we postponed our hang out to tomorrow’s lunch time. Hehe, writing this, my eyes still can’t close. Hais, gotta really force myself into sleep mode already, if not, I’m really dead!!!

p/s: Bebe, dar dar mucks mucks o!! nite..Zzzz

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