Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hard to Express The Feelings...

I didn't sleep for the whole night, staring at the ceiling..doing nothing. Have tried forcing myself to sleep but can't sleep though. At around 4am in the midnite, i called Bebe, wondering whether he slept already anot. He haven sleep and just went home not long ago after bbq at classmates house.
After on the phone for sometime, we hang up and he went to sleep. Sharp at 7am, i called him up to settle the check-out matters..bla bla bla.. Later on, I m busying with some family around the town, got my car repaired, be my bro's driver...went back home at noon..feel tired but can't sleep, so clean up my room. Then, online check my friendster a/c , suddenly i saw Olivia's profile, he sent a testi to Olivia sis saying: "actually i dont feel like this relationship will work."
Upon read this, tears flooded in my eyes..i don't know why..maybe im too sensitive or..i can't figure out the reason. But i don't understand why he would say that..although we've been together for 2mths only..suddenly saw such statement..heart brokes into pieces..pain! I've totally out of mood already. I understand the reason he can't put relationship/love in the first place, but such statement caused me to think that our relationship will end in a mean time. Feel very bad... izit true that all the guys are the same? I've tried to stop the tears..but its hard to assume that nothing happen..i love you so much that i would never dare to think such thing..although a good plan for the future is better..but i never though that words will come from you. I also don't hope we have any arguement or quarrel cz i always worry it will affect the relationship we are having now. I've been thrown to the sea and drown for many times, i don't wish this will cause me drown again..really appreciate the relationship now..

p/s: I would like to apologize if what i've wrote caused u any misunderstanding or sadness...take care...

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