Thursday, September 18, 2008

End of Examz..Holidays..Good n Bad..

Haha..its the end of the crucial last, i've pass through all the difficulties, but hard to predict what kind of result will be out! Anyway, can't worry that much..I've been stepping into the "time machine" since two weeks ago due to final exam..sleeping at the wrong time though. Finally, everything comes to an end.. Thank you for Bebe support all the while when i'm stressing on my studies. Probably its my first time taking university's exam, its kinda different from what we faced during schooling time. It was quite tough but hopefully i can cope with it..
So i'm now having my sem break for 3mths..wakaka, envy?? Well, it might be a good news and bad news. Good ones will be staying back at hometown, hang out with buddies, shop around, watch, eat and sleep. But due to some financial problem, I would consider to do some part time job rather than sitting at home doing least gain something, make life easier and less boring. Haiz..miss family alot!! It might sound as if i'm having a good plan for the holidays though, but deep in heart, there are a bad news of having this holidays. Have to seperate with Bebe for 3mths. Although there will be a feeling of sadness, but will take it as a challenge for both of us. Time being and distance might be a common problem or should I said its really a problem for some couples. Anyway, life still need to moves on eventhough gotta seperate with the loves one for a period. But hopefully everything goes well as what I hope and expected. As someone told me before that" Enjoy the present, Don't worry about future"! As long as both have confidence, some well plan thought..everything will goes well as what expected.
Bebe, i didn't mean to make you feel depress, sad, toil or cause u in a difficult situation. I would like to apologize that I caused you problems before your exams end. I really didn't mean to hurt you, or make you headache. I know you had been so stress lately due to the final exams. But you still appear to be so tough and face whatever problems that approaches you. If you can't stand sometimes, you can actually speak out as what we have promised to each other to be frank on any topics or problems. Sometimes, I can see that you are suffering from some matters but i can't help anything. Feel like i'm kinda useless..really hope to share all the happiness and sadness with matter what happens, dar will not leave you without reasons. Hope that you know what my feeling is about you. Please don't feel pity when i help you on something, I feel blissful helping you and doesn't feel tired though. I know you are a very caring person, don't wish to see me suffer..i'm not ignoring or don't wana listen to you sometimes, just that i think that im happy on doing it, so i go ahead with it.
I know that in the coming three months holidays, we will be missing each other very much, but i would like you to know that i will not think so much of nonsense and make you worry.I don't wan the worries to cause you any problem once you start work. Just hope that we will pass through this time hard and save money..and waiting to celebrate the coming X'mas..haha, can't wait it o!!
luv bebe..mucks mucks!!

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