Friday, December 27, 2013

Podgy and The Banker @ Sri Hartamas

It was a chilly Sunday morning & we decided to check out another newly opened cafe in town, located in the neighbourhood of Sri Hartamas. Podgy & The Banker is a full-fledged hangout spot which offers decent coffee kick. So if you are a coffee-lover, coffee-addict or having coffee-fever, you might wanna check this out as they serves up a pretty decent cuppa.

The ambiance of the cafe is very laid-back & simple, with workshop-like interiors and rustic decoration. It was 11-ish in the morning & boys are busy preparing the servings for hungry wolfs customers.

My cup of Macchiato is a great kick! Some might not like it as it is quite bitter in taste. However, I love my serving well. Boyfie had his favorite - Flat White & commented he still prefer Artisan's Roast. By the way, heard from some sources saying they are using Sumatran Mandheling "Kuda Mas" coffee beans. Would like to try out more in next visit.

Brunch Hour & he ordered omelette while I had Chicken Avocado Sandwich (coz I'm a huge lover for Avocado). I was in doubt at first & hope it is not made of Gardenia bread or a deoxidised avocado spread. And voila, my sandwich turned out to be awesome! Crunchy toasted bread, well-poached chicken with fresh sliced avocado, soft melty cheese and some mayo all came together became oh-so-delicious! Well, eat them fresh when it is served hot! Boyfie's Omelette with bacon (if not mistaken) was just fine, nothing to shout about. Perhaps we are too hungry or the serving size is not filling enough, we ordered desserts!

Spotted some freshly baked brownies over the counter & we just gotta try them out. I felt like I'm in heaven munching down each bites of the brownies. It is rich, full of chocolate flavor, fudgy & moist (without being overly dense). 

Also spotted is FAT BABY's ice cream. Am not a big fan of ice cream but would like to try it out if it is that good. I am actually attracted by it's packaging so I picked Salted Caramel. Overall, the ice cream itself was good & not too sweet but the caramel was too sweet for me. 

So if you are looking for a quiet & cosy place to do your work or purely chillax, this could be your choice. 

Podgy & The Banker
Ground Floor, No.2,
Jalan Sri Hartamas 8,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Operating Hours: 0900 - 2330, except Tuesday.

Food : 6.5/10
Service : 7/10
Pricing : 7/10
Ambiance : 7/10


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