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Intimate Waxing Party @ Honeypot Wax Boutique, One Utama

Hair hair hair! Which girl doesn't wish to be a sexy fuzz free glamour kitty?

I had the privilege to attend an intimate waxing party at Honeypot Wax Boutique, One Utama and had my FIRST waxing experience. Yes, it's my FIRST TIME waxing but many times of shaving! Well, I have never try any waxing treatment before mainly because of I have low no pain tolerance at all! So, I only had few times of shaving but due to laziness, I stop doing the shave! Thus, I have hairs like a monkey! With such low pain tolerance, I wonder if I can go through this because I can scream out loud with just a tiny needle poke into my skin, what's more about ripping fuzz off my skin!

I actually hesitated when I got the invitation, but I asked myself deep in heart :" Why not give it a try? Never try never know. After all, it's just a minimal pain and voila I'm a fuzz free kitty! So, just go for it!"

Went over to One Utama after work and greeted by the lovely ambiance and friendly staff! Mingled around and have some light refreshment while waiting for my turn to have my fuzz ripped off! *So nervous and afraid of the pain*!
Rose Wine and Cup Cakes for the guests!

The award winning wax salon Honeypot Wax Boutique was first established in Singapore and having 2 outlets in Klang Valley. First outlet was in Bangsar Shopping Center which catered for female only. Whereas the One Utama outlet is located in the midst of a thriving corporate enclave, providing busy executives be it male or female as well as exhausted ladies after a day of retail therapy to be pampered and buffed to perfection!
Honeypot Wax Boutique at One Utama (old wing). 

The chic looking interior at the waiting area!  Now who doesn't like such vintage-girly salon?!
Everything about Honeypot oozes attitude, seduction and glamour as you rip off the fuzz in style. Honeypot has the dramatic crystal chandeliers, funky signature motif walls, private pink treatment rooms, hip music right down to the fabulous hot pink products!

Smooth and silky skin is not only for the ladies. Let the metrosexual men in you be groomed and preened into a sexy hunk as One Utama outlet offers unisex treatments! Guys, this is strictly by appointment only!
The Black Room in One Utama outlet specially cater for the male . Yes, guys can enjoy wax treatment too! 
The interior of Honeypot is stylish, funky with bold pink unleashing a cozy ambiance. Everything was so girly with all the pinks around.
The Pink Room for the ladies!
 Honeypot Wax Boutique treatments include full waxing services with the salon's signature "Brazilian". Both salons provide friendly, efficient, professional and approachable service from its highly trained wax kitty staff and are committed to high standard of hygiene. No double dipping of spatulas as they uses disposable spatulas, gloves and cotton bedspreads.

The products and tools in each treatment room. The black square thingy is a hard wax  for the sexy Brazilian.  Far right is the hot wax for the less sensitive area like legs and arms. 
Line up of waxing products.
Cherry Pie: The Brazilian wax!It's a hot wax where it will be immediately harden on the skin and the skilled therapist will slowly remove it. Heard it's not that pain, so anyone up for a Brazilian?  

Finally, it's my turn to have my FIRST waxing treatment. The friendly therapist name Karine was very professional and efficient. She explained everything from A-Z throughout the treatment and make sure I enjoyed it. The first step is to apply a layer of baby powder on both my legs. Yes, I am doing a Strip Wax on my legs instead of Brazilian know. 
Pre-Waxing: Right after applying a layer of baby powder, Karine used the "Oh So Clean" product to cleanse off the skin. Just like the basic skincare step, there's always cleanser, toner and moisturizer. 
Pre & Post Waxing: Oh So Clean
Then, here we go with the waxing session. Honeypot uses Strawberry Kitty Wax and it is put into a machine (see pic below) to warm it up. The wax maintain at a warm temperature so it is easier to rip off the fuzz with a piece of strip. 
Strawberry Kitty Wax!
The therapist will roll over the Kitty Wax on the skin and rip it off with a strip. On the wax strip (see pic above) is the pink gel wax. Omg! I ouch-ed! Therapist told me the pain is normal as this is my first time doing it, moreover with menstrual along, pain will be extreme due to hormone change. It is better to do your waxing after period, you will get less or no pain (provided you have better pain tolerance). 

The after-strip of my right leg compared with left leg. I felt my skin more soft and smooth compared with left leg (with hairs on). Look at the amount of hair on the strip sheet! *shocked*

Clean, smooth and soft like baby skin. 
Due to the fact of I used to shave when I was a teenager, therapist told me that my leg's skin pores become larger thus I saw red dots appearing and starts itching. When I saw redness on my leg, I was nervous wondering what will happen to my skin as I have sensitive skin. Therapist calmed me down and applied a magical potion! Poof-ed! The redness are all gone and I don't feel any itch instantly! 
The magical potion which I love the most-> Pain Free Potion!
To moisten the skin, Karine applied Hydrate! on both my leg. This is the moisturizer to keep the skin hydrate. 
Here's a short clip I manage to capture when Karine enjoy torturing waxing my legs: 

Karine shared some tips and advice what NOT to do after waxing treatment:
~Do not scratch even it is itchy, it will cause pigmentation on the skin!
~Do not apply any lotion for 24hours.
~Not to shower with hot water for 24hours.
~Do not scrub, sauna, swim and steam-bath for 24hours. 

Overall, the treatment only takes about 15-20minutes and here you go with the fuzz free skin! Karine was so caring knowing me still having the itch after some time, she applied an aftercare product, a soothing gel on my legs. Now, I feel better.
Minty Aloe Jellow : Known for its antibacterial, caring and soothing properties. Aloe Vera gel gently calms, soften and moisturizers the skin while mint provides a natural clarifying and cooling effect.
One Utama Shopping Center
S119b, 2nd Floor,
1 Lebuh Bandar Utama, PJ.


Visit Honeypot Wax Boutique and leave a fuzz free glamour puss. Purr!

Yours Truly

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