Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Beautiful Winged Eyeliner by Kiss Me

Winged eyeliner or cat-eye liner gives a classic look with a touch of sexiness. I believe most of the females know the how-to on creating gorgeous looking cat-eye *MEOW*! But, selecting a good eyeliner product plays a crucial part in creating a smudge-free sexy eyes. 

Every one certainly has their very own pretty features but there are still flaws that need to be emphasize where makeup comes into the picture. A person does not need a heavy makeup to look good but a minimal makeup which looks natural will help in enhancing natural beauty.

I am not a heavy makeup person and usually goes out with a thin layer of eye liner and makeup base only. Sounds lazy? Well, undeniably yes! I've tried many different brands of eye liner (pencil, liquid & gel), and I am only good with gel type eye liner. I've been using X brand eye liner before I try on a surprisingly wow-ed me eyeliner! My X brand eyeliner has been good to me but not when I sweat or cry! I'll ended up having panda eye which gives me a dirty look. Since then, I've been looking for a good gel eyeliner but have not get any yet. Oh well, I'm lucky enough to have the chance to try out a Japan product-> KISS ME! So, I picked their gel eyeliner. Heard they are one of the best!

So, what has makes me WOW-ed?
Kiss Me : Heavy Rotation Gel Eyeliner

Courtesy of Mandom Malaysia, I'm given this opportunity to try out their water-proof gel eyeliner. Kiss Me "Heavy Rotation" Gel Eyeliner brings the concept of girly, dolly and sexy look. Do you know what is the meaning of "Heavy Rotation"? In fashion magazines, it means using the same item frequently because it is convenient and easy to use thus become every one's favorite.

It is an all-purpose gel eyeliner which creates "Deco Eyes" instantly. You can easily draw upward slanting wings with the jet-black eyeliner. The deep jet-black color of eyeliner clings tightly to the skin creating powerful impressive eyes. For those who are not so good in drawing/creating winged eyeliner, the gel eyeliner comes with a flat brush. It is easy to master the skill of applying winged eyeliner as the elastic flat brush conforms comfortably to your eye lids and you can draw clear lines from the corner of your eyes to upward slanting wings. I love the flat brush as it has thin and wide surface where I can draw either a thin clear line or creating an impressive "Deco Eyes"!

Naked Face!
Sexy & Classic Winged Eyeliner Look!
It is easy to use and gives you an elegant yet stylish look. Eyeliner enhances beauty without heavy makeup and gives you casual as well as chic look anytime, anywhere. Now I can enjoy smudge-free eyeliner and no more worries of getting dirty panda eye look!

Thanks to Mandom Malaysia for the wonderful items!

Enjoy a flawless winged eyeliner with Kiss Me: Heavy Rotation Gel Eyeliner (RRP: RM54.90) today!

*Kiss Me products are available at Sasa and Watson.

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