Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mango Mojito in Malaysia!

One of Thailand's top brand-> Mango Mojito has invaded into Malaysia! It's a Thai brand that specializes in Men's foot wear!

Why Mango Mojito?
With the identity of Classic Twist, Mango Mojito brings up the shoe's popularity in each era to adjust to a modern and cool of Japanese style. The men's leather shoe concept comes with a touch of Japanese style made with the meticulousness of high quality materials.

Loafer that comes in Yellow Mustard, Light Brown, Dark Grey, Dark Green, Dark Violet and Navy. 

The Loafer is made of high quality material comprising of suede leather, rubber and cow leather. 

It's all about style!

Loafer can be wear as casual shoes or even to work! It's just the matter of how you gonna wear them! 

What are you waiting for? Pop by Mango Mojito's outlet today and grad yourself a classic, stylish and comfy shoes! 

Isetan Men's KLCC 3rd Floor


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