Monday, April 4, 2011

Sunday with Papi & Mami

It's been a while since my last trip back to hometown. Came back this weekend for Ching Ming festival, a day to visit the graves of ancestors at the cemetery. It occurs once in a year on every 5th April, but people usually celebrate it earlier to avoid the crowd. It is simply a day with praying and remembrances of the departed.

Wakie wakie!!!

Wake up at 530AM. Good mOning!
8AM and the big "egg yolk" rolled out! Waiting for dad to depart to cemetery. If you follow me on Twitter, you will know I kept tweet(more to complaining) on the slow-motion-ness of my Papi. The HOT burning sun will melt me down!

Qing Ming!
Nowadays, not only human on earth can have branded stuff! LV offerings for my great-grands!

Had Wan Tan Mee for brekkie after Qing Ming! Starve like hungry ghost! =P

Dins Dins! @ Kafe Sun Yoon Wah
Dark alley, scary? Definitely not! It is filtered from Instagram. Went to Kafe Sun Yoon Wah for dinner with parents and took this shot from where I'm sitting. Love the classic look of those day's remaining. It is hard to find such old style back alley nowadays. Oh by the way, in case you do not know about this place, it is famous with Snowy Beer(Beer poured into frozen glass), lots of outstation travelers and locals love to chill here! 
We need to wait for a 30mins+ for our dishes so ordered this Fried Chicken Wings from an old lady who staying right at the dark alley. Saw her bring out Fried Chicken Wings to most of the tables, wonder how good does it taste. We ordered a pair of Chic Wings and it taste good, not great. It is perfectly fried, crispy on the outside with bread crumbs and juicy on the inside. Guess what! It is a bone-free chic wings and looks huge! Only then mom said the wings were stuff with some stuffings which I still couldn't find out any. 

"Kao Yuk" (Steamed Yam with Braised Pork). Dad's favorite!! Love this dish the most as the pork is soft and melts in the mouth! The yam was perfectly steamed and soft enough, and not overly done. Sauce was made of Tau Cheong paste and Fu Yu. The yam and pork was well-marinated and taste great! 

*Sorry for the bad resolution of pictures as they were taken with my iPhone 3GS. Not much of pictures of food coz dad is eye-ing on me. :P

Kafe Sun Yoon Wah
No.7, Jalan Bijih Timah, 
30000 Ipoh, Perak.
Tel: 06-2539980

Verdict : Be early if you want to go for dinner, or else you could end up waiting for more than 30mins!

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