Monday, April 18, 2011

Froyo by SPOON!

Looking for a dessert fix? Many people will come across with the thought of ice cream and cakes which is a very sinful thought in mind! Desserts has alway been the favorite of females but it is the most guilty part of a meal. Ladies love desserts especially cakes, they can't help from indulging into that premium chocolate brownie topped with hot melted chocolate. Cheese cake lovers can't refrain from the high satisfaction upon savoring thee best cheese cake! Sweet tooth ladies love ice cream too!! Who doesn't love desserts and who doesn't have a sweet tooth for the yummies? But, dessert can always kill with the word of fat and high in sugar/preservatives. 

Come on people! Don't let down yourself with guilt over dessert! Here's a healthy dessert for you and your loved ones. 
Tadaa!! The 99.5% fat-free yogurt! Psst, in case you don't know what is Froyo, it is Frozen Yogurt.

Here goes my SPOON :
Spotted this at the counter.It's for CARs member's day 2011! FREE one topping upon purchasing a cup of Froyo! Present CARs membership card/Citibank/AEON credit card to redeem this offer. 

Select your desired cup size and flavors! I took the LITTLE cup & ORIGINAL flavor.

Free topping of the day: M&M chockies!! 

Free topping with the present of Citibank credit card: Signature Granola (as recommended by the staff)

Voila! Original flavor yogurt with 2 free toppings! 

Bliss~ Love the original flavor yogurt as it tasted sour and fat-free!! No guilt at all! Ahhh, heaven~

Insta-ed Froyo! Grab yours today!

What is SPOON?

SPOON is an act of innocent, sweet and healthy consumption of our pure frozen yogurt and smoothie. They use a mixture of fresh non fat yogurt with live cultures and skimmed milk, resulting in a 100% natural, 99.95% fat free and low in calories SPOON. 

Finally something that is good for you and totally GUILT FREE!

A unique health recipe and signature tangy goodness are expertly crafted to prepare everyone for a lifetime of SPOON’ing experience! 

The creamy cloud of perfect, deliciously tangy goodness comes in three flavors: ORIGINAL, GREEN TEA and a SEASONAL SPECIAL which will change regularly. 

The toppings include fresh cut seasonal fruits, as well as creative and premium dry and liquid toppings. DON’T FORGET the gorgeously blended SPOON Smoothies to keep that thirst at bay.


What are you waiting for?
Join their FB page today and get updated news from SPOON! Get more infos from their websites here! You will be amazed by the designation of their official website. It is very fairy-tale like, bold and pinkish, filled with marshmallows and berries floating everywhere, scroll over and get some surprised infos! Each clicks and mouse-over makes you feels like in the wonderland. Simply sweet and loving!

Writing this makes me crave for more froyo!! 

Address: Mid Valley Lot G(E) 011-A External Ground Floor (Between Delicious and Chili's Restaurant)
              Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

Business Hours: Mon-Wed 10am-10pm
                         Thurs-Sun 10am-12am


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