Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Crockery Night

Had no idea what happened tonight, simply feeling mood-less for no reason. Not because of exams, money or relationship matters. Mind just gone blank, nothing goes into my memory no matter how hard I tried reading the notes. First paper falls on tomorrow, everyone was nervous but I am not. Am so relax and doesn't looks like I am in a exam period. Anyhow, it is nice to not feeling nervous for exams as it will only spoil everything.

Feeling mood-less with alot of thoughts in mind, thinking about the future and my sem break. Guess it will not be a relaxing sem break for me as deadlines for FYP is around the corner. Birthday passed but I have some wishes in mind now....
If I could make a wish now, I wish I could....
~Text you to throw out my feelings or with a simple "Good Night" message. But I did not, I am stepping one step backward. The awkward feelings grow again...
~Make a wiser choice on everything
~Get my favorite Omega watches
~Get my favorite DSLR Nikon D90
~Get my acrylic nail extension and pedicure from Fran, sad case she is in SG. =(
~Crazily shop at Bangsar's boutiques
~Have a crazy sessions with the babes in high-end hangout places
~Be in your hugs tonight
~Get back my normal sleeping hour
~Travel around the world
~Own a Golden Retriever so he can be my accompany

Too many wishes to go but I must accomplish them one day. Time for bed.

p/s: I miss u. Trying to cheer myself up with blogging. Writing non-stop!

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