Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Untitled August 2010

It's 5AM and I am still awake, sitting at McD at this hour, trying to finish my Crisis Management assignment cz I will have to present them today (Tuesday) at 3pm. Still, waiting for others part to combine, obviously not printing any of them yet. GG.com.....I think I will be the "crisis" soon....*grin* Another sleepless night.....

My very first time slacking at McD for so many hours, tried McD Premium Roasted Coffee to keep me awake and to ease the cold. It's freaking cold here, trembling in cold while doing assignments. Seems like the coffee doesn't work on me and I am feeling unwell after taking two cups of it. Switched to tea, feels much more better..

Uncles and aunties are dropping by McD having their 4AM brekky! Wow...*salute*
Guess I'll be having my brekky as well before heading back to Kampar.
Mommy...T.T...I am so tired...Hope you are with me just for a shoulder to lean on...

I really "admire" some people who talk in a way and do things in another way, not holding to their words. Pls be considerate to others feeling as well before you speak out.  Because of yours last minute words, we have to bear the consequences for you! Sorry but I have to speak out, SCREW U BITCH! What else you want from me? I had done everything and the only thing you know is about pressuring others? 
Am feeling like being taken for granted as everyone rely or put all the responsibilities on me as if I am obligated to do so.

Thank you to Son Son acc Mummy @ McD for a sleepless night with paper works..

p/s: Disappointment

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