Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Real Ending

I am on a highway for twice today, driving alone through and flow. It is quiet, it is lonely....But I like it, I have time to clear my mind and clear up thoughts. I've think deeply, over and over again.

When a glass broken into pieces, no matter how hard you try to mend it back, there will be always cracks on it.
For the sake of goodness, for the betterment of you and me, why not letting all those messy thingy behind and look forward in life for anything meant to be.
It is almost 10 months since the day we leaved each other, undeniable I am still bugging on it once in a while but I've tried all sorts of solution and found out IGNORANCE is the best way I could do to make myself live better.
You are already attached to someone else whom you loved her and same goes to her. You found someone who is meant to be yours. Why not stay still and go on with your current life?
I do not hope my life get ruin again, I do not wish to get hurt for the third time, I do not wish the pain in my heart get worsen.
You always wanted to care or should I say you care all the while. Seriously, I do not know why you still want to care so much since I'm no longer important to you. We are no longer having any connection or relation with each other.
After all, it is my own problem insisting with ignorance.

You said you care because after all the hurts u did to me, because you hurted me so much, that's why you want to care as much as you can now? You think by doing this way, you could heal the broken pieces? You said I will always be someone special to you and you want to care me as your dear. It is much confusing when you utter out such words, what will your gf think of you? How would others see you? After what you've done in these period of time, how others see you? How would your family feel for you?
Human changes but do it on a right way, get on the right track. Not hurting people surrounding you. It's enough, please let me go.

I ignored you, hated you because whenever I heard or see you, the hatred in me get deeper, the pain in me get worsen, as if you are adding salt on the scar. Now you understand why I do not want your care? Why I acted such way? 

p/s: Thank you for your cooperative, at last I feel I am free from it already. Guess last night is our last conversation in life. Take Care.

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