Monday, August 23, 2010

Homey Weekend

Another weekend commenced, due to the notice on no electric supply in Kampar, I've decided to go back hometown again this week. It's a homey weekend which means I will not go anywhere but sit still at home be home guard with my doggies. Yea....home guard, parents not at home again.

Lonely weekend at home but I enjoy it! Students from Kampar are evacuating to Ipoh before time strikes 12am because there will be a 4hours blackout in Kampar. Sista Emilie wanted to come over, so I invited her if she wants to stay over. Later on, sista Fiona staying over as well. Fetched her at Gopeng's 24hr McD Restaurant. To my surprise, it was full house until there are people standing outside waiting for seats. Big thanks to them for putting a night over and accompanied me. We watched two movies since there is nothing else for us to do. Watched "Alvin & The Chipmunks 2" and "It's Complicated". I prefer the latter ones which makes me laugh out loud. Watched movie till 6am!!! This is so crazy, but once in awhile with the sistas. Gotta force ourself to bed, feels so good squeezing four of us on two single bed. None of us fall asleep yet and we had a short pillow talk. Yup!! I love pillow talk!!

p/s: Seriously love the sistas session, especially pillow talks!! Hearted you girls lots!!

The Sista: Fiona aka Chin Lee, Emilie, Wei Wei & Me
The Monk: Danny and Garden(cousin)

Reviews on "It's Complicated": It is a 2009 movie with romance and comedy. Yup, it's an old movie and I only downloaded it recently. I might be kinda staying outdated but at least I watched them now. *grin*
This is a great movie I would recommend If you haven watch them yet. It will definitely cheer up your day with a non-stop laughing ones.
Click here for the summary and synopsis.

Main cast:
Meryl Streep (as Jane Adler)
Alec Baldwin (as Jake Adler)'s Sunday! A tiring day with few hours of sleep and house chores+assignments killed me. Did something surprising for babe Chin Lee. Actually is lending a help for her hubby Edwin. So sweet of them celebrating their first anniversary on 23rd August. Although Edwin current location is in UK but he has the heart of getting a bouquet of flowers for his wifey. A simple ones, important is the thought that counts.
Happy anniversary to the lovely couple, Fiona Lim and Edwin Lee. Hope Chin Lee likes the flowers. *Psst, first time help ppl buy roses*

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