Saturday, August 28, 2010


TGIF! Went for a half day trip to Cameron Highlands since it's been more than 10 years did not visit this place. A three ladies trip and it makes me anti-Cameron. Probably we do not know the famous place to visit or so. Found the trip was indeed a boring ones. The only things which I fond of is Smokehouse. Told mom I wanted to try out the tea and scones, so here we go. Love the typical English style of decorations, it looks old but nice. Seriously love the moments upon stepping in, the typical English culture remains with very old furnitures and decos. The wooden doors, the flowery sofas and cushions, the gardens blossoms with colorful flowers, the dining table with red candles, the dimmed lightnings, etc. Here's some snap shots :
Scones with jams and cream cheese along with Rose Tea
Nice sofa
Typical English dining

End of Cameron Highlands

Napped 2hrs due to tiredness. Upon wake up, it's already 7pm. Looking at my lappie but does not feel like checking anything out. Kinda moody or still feeling tired. 
Anyways, glad to meet up with a long lost friend->Dylan aka Yuan Long. He came all the way back from Ireland to Malaysia just to meet us up and stays with family. He changed alot and I seriously salute him on everything. Indeed an independent traveler cum student. Had our small gathering at Strawberry Moment@ De Garden.

Felt irritated upon seeing something which I dislike! Bitch, go ahead with your everything, stop stabbing behind!  

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