Friday, July 30, 2010

Looking Forward To A Lovely Weekend

It's 4am and I am blogging at this odd hour, as what i did usually. It was a tiring day for me with 2 discussions for assignments, spending my day outside for whole day and eat at the wrong time, doesn't really have time for a proper meal. My day had just passed with works..again! Assignments and datelines really killing !!!

Peeps! It's Friday!!! So excited coz I can go back to my home sweet home this week!! Alot of friends are going back from outstation, guess my weekend gonna be a hectic ones with dates and gatherings, but I like it! 
Can't wait to go back, missed my grandparents so much!!Hoping my weekend will be a lovely and great ones!

Weekend to-do list: 
1. Service my yellowie
2. Shower my yellowie
3. Dinner with my buddies...*seafood at Lumut!* 
4. Starbucks treat
5. Grocery shoppings
6. House chores
7. Laundry
8. Visit my grandparents *most important*
9. Lunch/Dinner with parents, only if they are available for me..=(

p/s: Missed those days, waiting for the next meeting^.^

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