Friday, July 2, 2010

It's all about Uni

People, it's Thursday and it is 1st July 2010! Another day approaching to the end of a week. Time flies, it's the fifth week of this semester!!

Well, has been flooded with assignments, discussions, meetings, etc. It's a tough final year as expected, bearing with 7 subjects (inclusive of FYP & PR Campaign). Alot to cope with and it is crucial to have a good time management. Guess I have to limit/cut down my outings and gatherings with friends. *sob*
Yet, I still need to do alot of readings for improvement and self-enhancement. More importantly, is to brain storm ideas for one of my subject and PR Campaign. *big sigh* 

Realized that choosing UTAR is a big mistake! In fact, it is a big disappointment to myself and to my parents as well. UTAR no longer having that good reputation like those days. Everything is sucks!*sorry to use this jargon word*.
Poor management, limited parking space, limited library materials, poor tutors, etc. It might sound funny to you but this is the truth, a tutor so-called him/herself a master/PHD holder with a poor command of english *worse than my 5 years old cousin*. I am not saying that I have a good command of english and no offense! By the way, am not trying to be racist but this is another true story. A Chinese tutor tutoring in an english subject, but the language spelled out from him/her was a direct translated English from Mandarin. Another Malay tutor called himself/herself a PHD student, being blur all the time and having a poor english as well. It is a shame for such middle age educated adult to have such serious grammar mistake in English! Ending up, both of them used their mother tongue when doing explanation to the students.

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