Friday, February 5, 2010

Tenji Night

It was another boring day at work..Thx Babe Nor for acc me chat...:P
After work, we went to Tenji@ Solaris Mont Kiara for dinner as promised earlier. Coz got promo.. "dinner RM88++ , 2nd diner @ RM28.80++" , So RM67 per pax.

Kalye guided us there but we used GPS too, she speed too fast..haha...BUT...we went to the wrong place, to Solaris Dutamas, no wonder whole building area under renovation, feel weird. So i asked one retail shop there, only realised we went to the wrong site. Then only we head to the right place which is Solaris Mont Kiara..XD

Love the surroundings of Solaris Mont Kiara, alot of cozy restaurants. Met 2 coursemates over there working for an events company, promoting Loreal's shampoo range products.

After done with them, walked to Tenji and here we go, start eating. After all, the food was moderate only. Nothing special about it and less varieties compared to Jogoya at Starhill.
Took some pics before leaving. Reached home alr 11pm. Just so tiring and damn full!!

Learn something today: KL road not so complicated thou, haha..i get to know the road tru and flow to Mont Kiara..^^

Not a good day for me, feel so bad.. depressing. Shed in tears....

ps: Depressed..~alcohol~

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