Monday, February 8, 2010


Loving more?Loving many? We love our parents, brothers, sisters, grands, friends. We love everything in terms of objects too!....So what is all about this POLYAMORY?

Read this article fr The Star, check it out!

It is quite accurate for the current era/generation of peoples...Sometimes, no matter male or female, they find marriage is something demanding and need to give in alot, so and so...compliments..bla bla...!
To make life easier, they opt for such thing=> Love more! Love Many!

Polyamory is defining characteristic a belief in the possibility of, and value of, multiple romantic loving relationships carried out "with the knowledge and consent of all partners concerned."

It is a loving relationship where powerful bonding of 3 or more parties which might occur. You might think it is ridiculous and those who involved are betraying one another. But do take note that this kind of relationship is with the consent of all parties concerned.

So, what love is?

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