Sunday, February 21, 2010

Outing with the babes

*Late post for Thursday (18th Feb)

Had a great night out with the babes, nice to meet Nor in real person.
Thx Fion for fetching and had Sushi Zanmai for dinner. Nice try.
Camwhore and chit chat with the babes, had a great time at The Gardens.
Slacking at Starbucks@MidValley while waiting Lindy's hubby come to fetch us home.
Had Starbuck's Dark Mocha, not bad thou.

Dark Mocha & Java Chip Frapp


Nor Ramli said...

eloooo...we shud lepak at starbuck for awhile that nite...
we catch more i bring u to carrot cake at bgnsar k

elaine-mia said...

Haha, sure. Would like to knw more on bangsar nite life. Anyway, wait for our next date ya!