Sunday, December 20, 2009

KL Day Trip!

What a tiring yet exhausted day...went to KL early in the morning to view room at Kelana Jaya. Lucky we made it on time. Or else the landlord cabut back to SG alr..
Overall, satisfied and had argued the affordable price for that short period. Something happened and my phone totally out of battery. Hardly contact anyone then...sigh!
Only to have my first meal of the day at 3pm. Just because something happened lorr....speechless about it!
After that, went to KL Central buy ktm tic back to Ipoh. Darn! damn many people ... have to queue lor...
Then head to Sg. Buloh wait for 630pm tren back to Ipoh. Whole journey was just about ~headache~!
Reached Ipoh was alr 915pm, was late 15min cz late depart...sigh!
Yay! After all, confirmed to get the room at Kelana alr..waiting to move in.

ps: Thx Ray & Danny for your care...~touched~!

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