Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hectic Day...

Woke up 930am , awaken by dad..sigh! told myself can't sleep bck, or else will be late to go bck just stay awake and on9 for awhile...
done something which can be considered silly and foolish...but i alr did just forget about it..
Break my rules by doing it..even during midnite...sigh!

1130am, dad came bck and mimi came as well. Fetched dad bck office and drove my little yellow car bck to Kampar. Sigh..can imagine i won't be able to shift this much of things bck is so small..aiks..thought is Honda City tim....=.=''
Nvm ler, speed bck Kampar, reached around 1230pm, js half and hour plus...then bck hm start to pack stuff i want to shift back...there are just too many stuff lerr...
Packed those important stuff while electrical items will be on my next trip bck to Kampar.
My mirror broken once i open my room door...shit! Second time alr, and this time is no cure. So i just threw it away...I've been running up and down putting stuff into the car..tiring and sweat nia..
1smthg oli go to uni..lucky guard is not thr and i manage to drive into uni..hehe!
Who knows, suddenly heard fr friends saying that we will be joining senior class to present..make me nervous...sigh! kinda stress leh...
Totaly got 8 groups..shit, tutor late for 30mins..i guess later will be rushing for me to go bck Ipoh..
Draw lots to know which group present 1st and i got number two. After presenting, i bck home continue pack and move thgs into car 1st. Wow, just moving stuff into car wasted me an hour...
Later on, started to rain drizzling, but i still have to wait i go over to San house since she wants to take a look on the masks.
Drove to Eastlake under heavy rain..darn! watched 1 episode of "gong sam gai"...only mimi fin her rush lerr!!
Back to ipoh, shit! traffic jam coz its time for those working ppl fin their work...sigh!
Damn tiring and hungry...whole day din eat. End up parents bought me porridge, but still hungry after taken it.
Haih, just fgt abt it...many thgs to just unpack it .. and im damn sleepy..but i have tons of thgs to continue...=.=''
Gotta start to find room alr..since "confirmed" going to Nan Yang..whr lei geh? haihz...

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