Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What the Heck!

Called up the company that i hoping for intern just now and the HR lady told me that their company is under going a change in their management. They can't decide anything yet untill the new management comes up. WTH! I was like...are u kidding me? i'm running out of time and yet tell me shit at this moment...i bet i will not have a peaceful sem break...darn! shit shit shit!!!!
Not my day at all...what shall i do? going through the procedure AGAIN? sienz...2nd time alr...Grr....damn piss off!

Feedback to my advisor..and nothing we can do at this crucial moment other than wait...suckz!!
If there is a "NO" in Ipoh, gotta go KL alr...cham by then....Piss off le!!
FB, u r right, my luck js 20%, really not my day ....

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