Saturday, August 22, 2009

Boring day...

It's been drizzling outside since late noon
whole westlake was damn quiet
bet tht everyone went bck to hometown alr
it's week12..coming w13
assignments and presentation 7788

But i will only get away from all these hassles after week14
should be can't get rid of final is coming in 2 weeks time

haven start my revision..
certain subs also duno how to do it in final cz nthg to read also

Coming week will have to prepare docs for internship..
see...time just can't stop over here
busy everyday
but today it seems just so bore

Dear went to sing K with classmates
Kevin went bck KL celebrate his "national day"
so gotta wait him bck tmr night to final up Mondays due for
DW + presentations
No idea of this assign

Thk of goin bck Ipoh today but
no one at home...
hv to FFK my gang
since all of them gathered in Ipoh alr..
Devi also enjoying her sem break.. so pathetic..


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