Thursday, May 14, 2009

Why so many bad things happen during my sem break?

10am-awaken by grandma's call..grandpa fall down again...2nd time d..sigh!
rushed to buntong, he said nthg, js complain a little bit of pain..v tot he stretch his leg..then he felt pain again, wait til 2pm, brought him to Perak Community Hosp..
3pm-the doc came, consulted him n went for x-ray. Then, went bck clinic consult doc. doc commented on the x-ray report.Pelvis bone fractured, need admit to hosp n operate.
no choice bt to screw bck the bone with 1 big screw n 4-5 small screw plus a plak.
Did everything for him, from blood test to x-ray again on forehead n CT scan too.
I head to the registration dept to register his stuff, requested a fan room--cheaper.
Kanasai, need rm1500k deposit, where the hell i got such large amount!! called mom, she rushed to hosp fr Batu Gajah..
During consultation, oldman keep negotiate the price, are important then price rite? keep ask for discount...sigh!
this cal me that cal me..til both my fon out of
gao dim him, den went bck to take bath, tk quick dinner at buntong, packed all his stuff...rush bck to hosp again..
This time ... as usual, he shout n scold everyone...his attitude come again-nervous...speechless!
I m so piss off..damn headache..shout at him..i will settle those stuff..he blur til doc did visited him n he told he doc didn't until i asked the nurse..
he himself dun even knw wat time operate..luckily i asked nurse..oli then know at time he kenot take food...

....really speechless!

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