Friday, May 29, 2009

Damn "DU LAN"

Nowadays drivers in Msia all tadak otak ke? esp malays and indians..they drive at the speed they like and did not care about other ppl..
1st case..on last friday nite pasar malam, a stupid idiot uncle driving an old merz drive damn slow! and im rushing...he purposely drive at the lowest speed, there is no other cars in front of him, even if he wants to find a parking, there was no an empty one. I keep flashing lights to him, giving him signal, even horned him..he even slower down. Mother fucking God..when i want to make a left turning, he too turn into the garden, even stop his car in middle of the road..i was damn piss off..potong him and stare at him..he horned me! and i showed him my finger..go to hell oldman..
2nd case, a pukima indian guy drive damn slow in front of me..i did not even horn him..wth..
when we get into the main road, he show me a bye bye sign with his hand and drove off fast..he purposely slow down at first just to trick me...i straightly get annoyed with such damn stupid idiot guy!!! dun let me see u again..or else i will fight with u !
3rd case..orang melayu bertudung..tadak otak like a kid..left and right oso dunno how to damn, balik kg. if u wanna enjoy slow speed in this town area..!

Such ppl really piss me off!

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