Sunday, May 10, 2009

Back to Hometown!!

Yea yea..back to hometown after friday's last paper.
so glad that final is end n happy tht someone cook for me..hehe^^
my dear bebe prepared a simple n delicious dinner for me as i din eat anythg tru out the day,
so he prepared his home-made steambot..wee...二人火锅..sweet!
then start packing to back hometown the next day...

It was Wesak day, after parents fetched me fr Kampar, we headed to KK road temple to pray(as v do evy yr)...
Then here it comes a non-stop busy day in n out for me..
drop Ray at PP..head bck to Buntong lunch then brought grandpa to clinic to clean the wound..
heart pain c the wound on his was swallon ...T.T

Night- went dinner wit mom n went to KL for dinner..
haha...we went to Breeze cafe for dinner..had Choc Banana Milkshake..quite nice!
but mom's Choc cookies smoothies lagi best!
around 8pm, time to go home n rest...
bt i js can't stop doing things and there is no ending..

Cleaned this n that..but there r still alot more to clean..
something funny was, i clean up kitchen just was almost 1am..keke
really siao...

p/s: Missing someone whole day..he must be tired till speechless..hope u tk a good rest!

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