Sunday, May 31, 2009

Back to "death town"

Sigh..woke up erli on sunday morning...went to tesco to buy some vege n foods for storage back to kampar. Had breakfast before go to tesco..walked around till 1130am..rushed back home do house chores.
Then, went for lunch before departing back to Kampar...
Argh, back to my room, damn dusty ... mopped and wiped..tired! Mom back ipoh then i start to unpack..haha..suddenly get Mr.Liew msg..
Friday will be going back to Ipoh..ada orang tumpang..wee!
Thursday-CY n PL will be coming stay overnite..yeah!! miss them!!!
But kampar's weather was freaky ... other than hot stil hot!
Sweat even after a cold shower..later 2nite my dear will bring me durian..hehe...bought ytd nite when we shopped at Jusco..
Tmr is a brand new sem for me..gotta strive hard for this its kinda hard..
Kanasai..1st week got tutorial class..wth!
Tmr 8am tutorial..hopefully cn wake up larr...:P

p/s: Dear bebe, strive hard for better living o!

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