Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Slacking at home in rainy days

felt like paused at a moment
thinking that we had finally back to normal..
tolerating with each other..

yea..we are fine now..
after several talks
it was a rainy day..
thru out nights n days..
till now still a cloudy ones..
makes me feel slumber

js taken my meal..
will hv to start brushing up all my subjects
ever since my coursework marks
do not seems any better than what i expect to be
it comes out shit!

just don't feel like talking tru out the day
ppl who don't know me might think that i'm hard to talk to
but i'm js wish to be silence..
dun wish to talk much
or else someone might get hurt

i just wants a peaceful mind..
to continue my revision..

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