Sunday, April 5, 2009

KL trip-3Days

Went to KL last friday
damn tired cuz just came bck
dislikes long journey..the bus driver makes me wana vomit

anyway..bck on Friday
we departed in the morning
by Vahn's car
thx for tumpang us go KL

Reached there..
went to KLCC with GPS cuz not sure with the routes
Shopped around while wait for 410pm movie
bought Roti Boy since im hungry
miss KLCC roti Boy so much..
walked with bebe till around 4pm
went to GSC..
watched Fast n Furious 4
it was quite nice as its all abt car racing n revenge

later on
here comes the real motive they went to KLCC
its time for Saisaki Japanese Buffet
these guys starved whole day long jz for this moment
aiks..ko lian..

anyway, its located at Wisma UOA..
upon walked in..guys are dropping their sliver..
foods seems not bad
quite attracting
for guys who starved whole day
they jz throw in watever foods available
haha..sitted till 10pm
the restaurant wana close d
bill comes n it was RM536 smthg plus taxes
for those who likes to go n hv a try
alt it will caused u feel full after 1st plate
but after wat u pay for it
eat til gao gao oli suan la..

went to MH place stay
so pai seh disturb his family..
anyway, its a nice apartment with beautiful views from 11th flr
can see the night view of KL..nice:P

next day..went to Sunway Pyramid since bebe hv nvr been there
it now has a new wing
but all branded..js like Mid valley
mor choices perhaps..
js window shopped..
haven eat i choosed to eat at Pasta de Gohan
then bebe wants Wendy but its beef
so v jz walked around
found Carl's Junior
hmm..its burger was so nice..worth paying for the taste n size
tired..went to Starbucks have a caramel hot choc
while bebe had his choc cream blended with cips..
v sat there n wait for 410pm movie again
cuz guys duno wat else can do other than watch movie
it was Shinjuku XX movie..:P
fgt name larr..
by Jackie Chan n Daniel Wu..hehe, he so hsome..

after movie, went to SS2 Murni had a simple dinner
Jesper rec..nt bad..u pay for wat u deserve to eat..
alamak..heavy rain pula when eat til half way..
move into those aile..
then MH wants to cut v followed KH to 1U..
to get time pass..cuz need to wait him fin his hair cut oli cn go hm
we were so exhausted tru out the day
bt still v shopped at 1U new wing
act oso the same..nthg so special..
evy malls have almost the same brand
guys went to pool while i n bebe went to window shop again

bebe bought me a water bottle i wanted for so long
tq yea
den v kinda hungry..n my leg is in sore
v find a place-waffle restaurant n had our meal..i thk its supper d pai seh
ppl alr wan2 close shop bt v go in n sitted down

shops are all closed now
we r trying to find ways of how to get to Starbucks..
walked tru those EXIT sites..
took lift..asked ppl
oli then found Jesper them
still waitin MH
no where cn go
so KH suggested go Asia Cafe..
where many students gather there
cuz colleges are there
many international students

reached there..quite jam
but lucky found a place to park the car
settled down..guys went to pool
n both of us find a place n sit
were tired till speechless..
bck home at 2am
bathed n slip..
so so tired

This morning..over slept
cuz Jesper nid to meet up fren at 11am..v woke up at 10smthg
all fighted for the toilet
its too late d
MH fetched Jesper out 1st
fetch us to IOI mall ltr
hmm..tired mood walk
jz went popular look for books..
had Kenny Roger's for lunch

wait til 4pm, MH mom fetched us to bus stop
took a Metro bus to PUDU
it was raining
still erli, went in starbucks had a Signature hot choc..
time to go to the platform to wait bus
bt the stupid bus was late for 30mins..
damn over..

reached kampar at 9pm

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