Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Yea..promised won't blog
but i m jz duno who to go in expressing my feelings now
drizzling rain outside the window of my room
cloudy weather
best describe how i feel now

I din mean to argue with u over matters
i din mean to make an empty promise
just that i hv my own reason
n family problem which i just get to know an hour ago
i din mean to do it on purpose
i js hope u und and realise what i try to say

i felt guilty for what i caused u to suffer
may be u din feel that
but i do

i know u are in hot temper now
angry with me
but u should angry with me
with a sudden "no" to u

i hereby would like to apologize
for what i've caused u to be
i really din mean it

i won't ask for any forgiveness
cuz i dun deserve it
feel better after wrote this

p/s: trying to get bck study mood!

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