Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hate it!

Today's emc class damn kanasai
hate "her" lerr..
owis make us in bad bad situation
damn stress doin her work..

rather commit suicide..
realized tht her work got many sections n parts to go..
due date on friday..

make me bad mood nia..
lots to go..
im damn sleepy now..
thking tml 8am class..
wana skip boh..

js bcz of her work..
haih, consume so much time to do..

sien ah!!!

bebe goin bck h/town on wed d..
miss him lots..
bt anyway, miss h/town too
will go bck on sat den ccm bck on sunday..
hehe, funny?
no choice, sat gt class, so js go bck 1 day nia..

hmm, cont vf assign 1st..

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