Saturday, March 14, 2009

Back fr PRom...

Went to PRom..
paid rm15 but js eat fried rice n kuih?

still prefer KL prom..
our previous n current lecturers are invited..
they joined us n we took pic with them as if they were the stars.

Elyse bf joined us too n they booked a room at the hotel..
its a nice room..reasonable price ..
Jen fetched us tru n flow..thx ya!

the PRom was js abit lack of fun..
songs played nt so suit for us..
our sem ppl seems quite little..
but our junior quite active n supportive..
alot of them came..

PRom King was Justin fr Y2S1
n Natalie is our PRom Queen fr Y1S2
wuuhuu...applause for them!

most of us camwhore non-stop..
surprise to see our class rep..Mr.Banana dance..

p/s: Pics will be uploaded to FB..stay tune..Zzzz..

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